YO! Hey! Howzit? Good? Great! So sorry I haven’t posted for a while now but I’ve been sick………with HIEBER FEVER!  and no, that wasn’t a typo.  It’s a video by Ryan Higa and is a spin-off of Justin Bieber.  It’s really funny. Anway………

Today I’ll be focusing on ANIME! a.k.a any animated TV show I like.


is about ninjas and the bond between two friends that will never be broken no matter how much one of them tries.  It’s also about fufilling your dreams and never giving up.  You can read it online easily and watch the anime easily too!

2. Fullmetal Alchemist (brotherhood)

is about a bright young alchemist who ends up losing body parts and his brother’s body (he binds the soul to a suit of armour) and then tries to get them back.  It’s a lot more tragic than Naruto but probably isn’t for strong Christians.  Manga and anime available.

3. Wolf’s Rain

A story about a [ack of 4 wolves as they search for Paradise. This is very tragic, and I cried my eyes out at the end. It is a beautiful and focuses on the endless cycle of life. Anime definitely available but don’t know about manga.



About poochieatemysandwich

I love Japan, dogs, ramen, Kakashi, reading and listening to music while writing stories. I live in sunny South Africa (not really as sunny as people think) and enjoy metaphors (ever heard the pineapple and the computer?).
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