Minecraft mania!

This was always going to come up sometime.  After all, it’s my hobby.  Minecraft is a computer game made from square blocks.  The object of the game is to survive.  Now I am royally peeved because my Minecraft server I joined isn’t being run by the host and even worse- WE HAVE A GRIEFER!  He is trying to frame me because he won’t blow up my stuff but has blown up everyone else’s.   Sad, right?  It’s my mom’s bday today.  We have a bar-one cake and will have roast lamb for supper.  Poor little baby sheep. 😦 But it is SOOOOOOOOOOO yummy :). I have enough homework to make me commit suicide today (6 out of 7 subjects). Anyway, I am trying to enjoy the little things : ie cake.


About poochieatemysandwich

I love Japan, dogs, ramen, Kakashi, reading and listening to music while writing stories. I live in sunny South Africa (not really as sunny as people think) and enjoy metaphors (ever heard the pineapple and the computer?).
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