Stupid, stupid LIBRARIAN!!!

We went to a lit quiz thingy today because my brother was participating but it was really annoying.  My school also participated but they didn’t choose me.  I am annoyed (really want to swear). It’s not that I’m a bad loser, cause there wasn’t any way of determining the teams.  Someone just chose people who they thought were clever.  Since I only came to this school for highschool and not junior, I am annoyed cause no one knows me and thus no one chose me.  I was fine with that until I went up to congratulate our team (came 2nd) and the librarian said, “Nice to see you here Rachel.”  RACHEL IS NOT MY NAME!!!!!!!!!!!!! I am on her library committee and she doesn’t even know my name. She didn’t even know my name after telling me off (unfairly, I swear) for going on the computer too long (The limit is 10 minutes. My friend was on 10 minutes then I went on for 10 minutes and she scolds me just as I am going off ((at the end of my 10 minutes!!!!!)))  It stinks.  But at least I got full marks for my Afrikaans comprehension. *smirk*.

“Enjoy the little things.”



About poochieatemysandwich

I love Japan, dogs, ramen, Kakashi, reading and listening to music while writing stories. I live in sunny South Africa (not really as sunny as people think) and enjoy metaphors (ever heard the pineapple and the computer?).
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