Second post! Yay!

Ok, maybe the yay should be my signature….

Anyway, today I will tell you about my dog, Tommy.

He is 15 and so is OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOLD. He is really healthy still and can run faster than my other dog who is 12 (Patch).  He is a labrador and is a bit stocky.  He has a lot of weird growths on him (benign) and a swollen tearduct that they can’t “un-swell” cause he is too old for the operation.  He is a pig when food is around and eats ANYTHING (except mushrooms and lettuce). But if you drop food accidentally he will eat ANYTHING (really).  He also eats poo: human, dog, bird…..

Sometimes he comes and lies on my feet which I think is so cute but my mom hates it.  Other times he comes and puts his head in my lap (cuter!!!!!).  The funniest thing he’s ever done was covering his nose when he smelt my mom’s shoes (or peeing on my chair).  His most coragous feat was protecting Patch from a HUUUUUUUUUGE alsatian (german sheperd). I love him (even when he pees on my chair).


About poochieatemysandwich

I love Japan, dogs, ramen, Kakashi, reading and listening to music while writing stories. I live in sunny South Africa (not really as sunny as people think) and enjoy metaphors (ever heard the pineapple and the computer?).
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