Yosh!……..(I worry about myself)

Welcome! Today is the special day called


Who is Kakashi?  He is only like the cutest anime dude ever. (He’s from Naruto).

He is super muscly, wears a mask, reads porn (no guy’s perfect) and has a super tragic past that makes him swear never to let anything happen to the people who are precious to him.

Check him out.

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YO! Hey! Howzit? Good? Great! So sorry I haven’t posted for a while now but I’ve been sick………with HIEBER FEVER!  and no, that wasn’t a typo.  It’s a video by Ryan Higa and is a spin-off of Justin Bieber.  It’s really funny. Anway………

Today I’ll be focusing on ANIME! a.k.a any animated TV show I like.


is about ninjas and the bond between two friends that will never be broken no matter how much one of them tries.  It’s also about fufilling your dreams and never giving up.  You can read it online easily and watch the anime easily too!

2. Fullmetal Alchemist (brotherhood)

is about a bright young alchemist who ends up losing body parts and his brother’s body (he binds the soul to a suit of armour) and then tries to get them back.  It’s a lot more tragic than Naruto but probably isn’t for strong Christians.  Manga and anime available.

3. Wolf’s Rain

A story about a [ack of 4 wolves as they search for Paradise. This is very tragic, and I cried my eyes out at the end. It is a beautiful and focuses on the endless cycle of life. Anime definitely available but don’t know about manga.


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A Quick Minecraft pic

Sunset and Two Creepers

I am creeperphobic 🙂

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Minecraft mania!

This was always going to come up sometime.  After all, it’s my hobby.  Minecraft is a computer game made from square blocks.  The object of the game is to survive.  Now I am royally peeved because my Minecraft server I joined isn’t being run by the host and even worse- WE HAVE A GRIEFER!  He is trying to frame me because he won’t blow up my stuff but has blown up everyone else’s.   Sad, right?  It’s my mom’s bday today.  We have a bar-one cake and will have roast lamb for supper.  Poor little baby sheep. 😦 But it is SOOOOOOOOOOO yummy :). I have enough homework to make me commit suicide today (6 out of 7 subjects). Anyway, I am trying to enjoy the little things : ie cake.

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Stupid, stupid LIBRARIAN!!!

We went to a lit quiz thingy today because my brother was participating but it was really annoying.  My school also participated but they didn’t choose me.  I am annoyed (really want to swear). It’s not that I’m a bad loser, cause there wasn’t any way of determining the teams.  Someone just chose people who they thought were clever.  Since I only came to this school for highschool and not junior, I am annoyed cause no one knows me and thus no one chose me.  I was fine with that until I went up to congratulate our team (came 2nd) and the librarian said, “Nice to see you here Rachel.”  RACHEL IS NOT MY NAME!!!!!!!!!!!!! I am on her library committee and she doesn’t even know my name. She didn’t even know my name after telling me off (unfairly, I swear) for going on the computer too long (The limit is 10 minutes. My friend was on 10 minutes then I went on for 10 minutes and she scolds me just as I am going off ((at the end of my 10 minutes!!!!!)))  It stinks.  But at least I got full marks for my Afrikaans comprehension. *smirk*.

“Enjoy the little things.”


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Second post! Yay!

Ok, maybe the yay should be my signature….

Anyway, today I will tell you about my dog, Tommy.

He is 15 and so is OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOLD. He is really healthy still and can run faster than my other dog who is 12 (Patch).  He is a labrador and is a bit stocky.  He has a lot of weird growths on him (benign) and a swollen tearduct that they can’t “un-swell” cause he is too old for the operation.  He is a pig when food is around and eats ANYTHING (except mushrooms and lettuce). But if you drop food accidentally he will eat ANYTHING (really).  He also eats poo: human, dog, bird…..

Sometimes he comes and lies on my feet which I think is so cute but my mom hates it.  Other times he comes and puts his head in my lap (cuter!!!!!).  The funniest thing he’s ever done was covering his nose when he smelt my mom’s shoes (or peeing on my chair).  His most coragous feat was protecting Patch from a HUUUUUUUUUGE alsatian (german sheperd). I love him (even when he pees on my chair).

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Blog time!  Yay! Three cheers!………… 

Sometimes I wonder about my sanity.  Well anyway, first post:

Hi. I am pretty sure this blog will be about everything.  It’s a blog right?  Ok I need to stop trying to make this funny and keep it bloggy. I just did that for your entertainment.  You kind of see the cycle….

So that’s what my first post is about: the cycle!

In our world today, there are so many people who make their lives into an interesting little world.  Not me (hopefully). I am a firm believer in being blunt.

Wow, that really didn’t take long for me to start lying.  I tell it like people want me to.  Not all the time, but for strangers, always.  So I’m going to tell you I like being flamed, I like negative comments and I think they make me strong.  They don’t make me strong, they make me miserable and then they make me question the world and finally they make me really annoyed.  I would swear, but I don’t do that either.  So anyway, I hope you enjoy being told the truth (as far as I can tell). Also watch out for the conspiracies.  Yay! (my sanity……)

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